Difference Between Sea Salt Spray and Hair Texture Powder

Difference Between Sea Salt Spray and Hair Texture Powder

With so many men’s hair products on the market these days it can be difficult to keep track of them all. The men's market in grooming has grown at an exceptional rate and with that, more products are now trickling into the men's category and specifically- Sea Salt Spray and Texture Powder. For those of you who are interested in dabbling into these products. Your first question is; What’s the purpose of using these products and how can they help you get the hairstyle that you want? Well, hopefully we’ll be able to break the difference between the two hair products to make it easier and simpler to find what works with your hair type and what you'd like to achieve. 

Texture Powder 

is a fine-lightweight dry powder that may or may not be scented and when you apply it to the hair you'll find an immense amount of grit and tackiness. Once you thoroughly put it in your hair- It’ll leave your hair with a dry, matte finish with a lot of texture. The product occasionally can be over used so start with a small amount. One of the most common ingredients for most texture powders is silica silylate. To the touch, it feels very rough and gritty and the compounds inside collide with your hair, absorbing the oils to complete that matte finish look. The best part of Texture Powder is how it groups the hair making it much fuller and thicker, perfect for those who have fine hair and looking for additional texture with a lightweight finish that most hair products can't provide.

What does Hair Texture Powder do?

Today, most men are a looking for volume that looks natural and doesn't look and feel overly used with hair products. Depending on the products you use, the hair can fall flat for over using clays and such- defeating the height and finish you want. For certain hair types such as fine hair, it can be quite difficult to achieve the look you want since the hair wants to lay flat. With Texture Powder, it's great for short to medium length hair to give you that extra boost for creating and holding volume throughout the day is extremely difficult. Once in your hair, it'll stay in place and is very versatile without feeling like your ruining the style.

How do you use Hair Texture Powder?

Apply the texture powder by sprinkling it specifically at the roots or all over your head –  just make sure you cover any section of hair that you want to add volume. Then rake your fingers back and forth to spread the product around to avoid very concentrated areas in one place. This will help avoid it from looking white in one spot and avoid clumps of the hair from sticking together. The Texture Powder will add a sort of friction to your hair, so be careful when racking through and avoid a fine comb. Once you feel like you evenly spread the product around- scrunching and even use a wide tooth comb to complete the texture, volume or messy look you want. 

Sea Salt Spray

is exactly what it sounds like: a spray with salt and is usually combined with natural oils that will leave your hair feels soft and moisturized even when Salt is a the main ingredient. The salt absorbs moisture, and adds texture to your hair without feeling too gritty. For example, when you come out of the ocean and let your hair dry, you'll notice how feels a little stiff and can shape your hair to stay in the same place without feeling uncomfortable. This is what this does! From a hair stand point, Mason's Pomade Sea Salt Spray gives you an extra life and can be used as a stand alone product or cocktail together to achieve a high volume look. 

How to use Sea Salt and who should use it?

Everyone can use this awesome product. Whether you're trying to tame your curls or want to spruce up your hair style with some more volume, this stuff is great. It's best recommended to spray the product evenly through your hair while its wet or dry. You can let this product air dry if wet and play with it once it's dried OR you can use a blow dryer. This is great to add volume so you direct it to stay a certain way. After you can throw in a little Matte Pomade to keep the flyaways from coming and to hold it in place for that slightly neat but casual finish. 

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