How to Style with Matte Pomade • Crop


How to style with our Matte Pomade – Medium Hold | Matte Finish. One of our Brand Ambassadors will walk you through on how to use our Matte Pomade for one of many styles. Matte Pomade is a malleable styling product offering a medium-strong hold to define and shape the casual look you want. Great for volume without weighing your hair down. This pomade is water-based and rinses out in one wash. Instructions: Towel-Dried: Start with a dime size amount and thoroughly warm up with your hands until soft. Apply this lightly scented product for a natural comb-over or a messy/textured look. Blow dry for additional volume and style as desired. Styling towel-dried will give you less of a tug but is encouraged to use dry hair for a stronger hold. Dry hair: Start with a dime size amount and start from the back and work your way to the front. This will avoid build up and allow you gain control and volume where you want it. Add more product if necessary and repeat.

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