Service & Supply Barber Shop - Interview

Service & Supply Barber Shop - Interview

Service & Supply, where the debris meets the sea, has become one of the most well known barber shops in Los Angeles and is making it’s way around the nation with a head nod for their excellent barbers along with the aesthetic they bring. Two partners, Alex and Paul, established their first barber shop location in 2015 and most recently opened a second location in the heart of the Los Angeles, Arts District. We had the opportunity to do an interview with Alex on how he became a master barber, entrepreneur and successor.

Q: Are you an LA native?

A: Yeah, Born & Raised!

Q: What encouraged you to be a barber?

A: Honestly, it just sort of happened. I mean, I had entertained the idea long before making the decision. My godmother has owned a salon since I was 10 and I would spend time their sweeping floors and talking to the hairstylist, I guess you could say it was a familiar space for me. 

Q: Did you always wanted to open your own barber shop?

A: No. Actually, the thought didn’t cross my mind until around my 6th year working for other barbershops and hair salons. 

Q:  Can you tell us a bit about the concept of Service & Supply? Why the name? 

A: The concept was not to have a concept, I didn’t want to be pigeon holed or tied down to any particular style or gimmick. I wanted a clean simple space where the work and vibes could speak for themselves; a barber shop where anyone could come in and feel like this is their barber shop and take pride in that. The name, well that’s a long story, I don’t want to bore you with. To simplify it, Service & Supply is our core, it’s what we put above all else. Service comes first, we listen to what the client wants but more importantly what the client needs. We educate our clients and pay attention to every detail. We provide more than just a haircut, we do our best to give you an authentic experience and a feeling of community. Now, the Supply part seems simple enough but it ties in many more aspects than you would expect. Aside from bringing our clients great hair and grooming products that we believe in (i.E. Mason’s Pomade) and staple goods everyone should own. We Supply people with a vast network, we connect people all the time, whether you need someone to design a website or a chef to cater your wedding. Chances are we could connect you with someone great. At least you’ll know they have good taste and a sharp look haha.

Q: What do you think this concept adds to the act of getting a haircut?  

A: I would hope that it makes it a comfortable, easy experience that keeps you coming back & telling your friends. 

Q:  When choosing a location, did you always have Venice in mind for your location? 

A: It’s just where I ended up. I learned that I had so many clients in the area, who became friends, I didn’t want to lose. So, we decided to put down some roots.  

 Q: What encouraged you to open your second location in Downtown, Los Angeles? 

A: The opportunity came our way and I thought why not? Honestly, it was too good of a deal to pass up.

Q:  What are all the services you provide within your barber shop? 

A: All of the Barbers are incredibly well rounded when it comes to cutting women or men’s hair. It doesn't matter if its longer layers or a skin fade with a crop top. We can handle it and will make sure to put you in the right chair. We also do beard trims & shaves and finish all of our services with a hot towel nape shave.

Q: Besides now opening your second location.. any other future plans for Service & Supply Barber shop? 

A: We have a few things in the works but that’s top secret for now; you’ll just have to keep checking back to find out.


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