This page will help you get to know us and our products a little better. We’ve compiled some questions that valuable customers, like you, ask us on a frequent basis. Keep reading below to see if we can answer a question you may have. 
Where Are Your Products Made? 
Mason’s Pomade products are proprietary formulas manufactured in Los Angeles, California at a professional facility. All product formulas are conceptualized, tested, and approved by Mason’s Pomade and our trusted network of barbers. 
Are you a “Homebrew” Company? 
No, Mason’s products are not “homebrewed” by people in their own homes or small facilities. We love some of the amazing, innovative products that come from that part of the industry, and they remain huge sources of inspiration for us! However, we decided it was in our company’s best interest to leave the large-scale manufacturing to a team of professionals. 
Are your product formulas proprietary?
All Mason’s Pomade product formulas are proprietary, unique, and exclusive to Mason’s Pomade. We do not just slap our label onto a pre-made formula that 20 other brands also use and call it our own. Each Mason’s Product is conceptualized by our creative team and ultimately tested and approved by trusted barbers before it hits our store. 
Are Your Products Vegan? 
Some Mason’s products are vegan, but not all of them are. Either way, you can rest assured that NONE of our products are ever tested on animals. The following products in our line are vegan-friendly: 
  • Chez Le Barbier Candle
  • Chez Le Barbier Room Spray 
  • Sea Salt Spray 
  • Texture Powder 
Our popular Matte Pomade and Sculpting Clay both contain beeswax, which is, of course, a byproduct of bees. As such, neither formula is vegan. However, we recommend checking back frequently because you never know when we may release new products! 
Can I Buy Mason’s Pomade at a Store Near Me? 
We’re constantly expanding where you can find our product line! We’re available at multiple online retail outlets, and if you want to find a physical location near you that carries our range, view our Retailers directory. 
What Product of Yours is Best for Me? 
Everyone has their own unique head of hair. Because of this, we cannot give definite recommendations, but here is what our hair products generally are designed to provide: 
  • MATTE POMADE: Slick or piecey hairstyles with a natural finish and medium-strong hold. 
  • SCULPTING CLAY: Gritty volume and texture with a matte finish and pliable, medium hold for loose hairstyles. 
  • TEXTURE POWDER: All-day weightless hold, volume, and texture with a matte finish for an understated, yet controlled style. 
  • SEA SALT SPRAY: Lightweight hold, volume, and texture. Use as a pre-styler before blow drying or on its own for that just-off-the-beach look! 
  • Are You Working on any New Products Right Now? 
    We always have new hair products and apparel concepts in the works! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and also join our mailing list, to make sure that you will never miss a beat. 
    Do You Offer Free Shipping to (Location)?
    We offer free shipping to customers in the United States that spend $50 or more. 
    What is Your Return/Exchange Policy? 
    Because our products are intended for personal use, we cannot guarantee returns or exchanges for any purchases. Each return and/or exchange inquiry is handled on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
    I Want to Carry Mason’s at My Shop. How do I Make that Happen? 
    Easy, just fill out our wholesale inquiry to become a retailer and someone from our team will get back to you! 
    Do You Offer Free Samples of Your Products? 
    We do not offer any free samples of our products to general consumers. If you are a barber or stylist seriously considering adding Mason’s to your shop, please send us an email or fill out our wholesale form and we may be able to provide samples to try on your clients.