How to style a layered-tapered haircut

How to style a layered-tapered haircut

For starters...

To achieve this loose layered-tapered cut, start with a fingers worth of Matte Clay Butter hair product and evenly distribute the product from back, to front, and side to side. Next, blow-dry with your fingers for directional volume and begin to shape the look you want.

What's next!

Once hair is thoroughly dry, take a new fingers worth of our Matte Pomade and warm up with your hands to break down the wax. Remember to start lightly and work in more product to create the perfect medium hold for the volume you want. Feel free to add a little more to tame any fly-a-ways 


Matte Clay Butter gives control and volume without weighing the hair down. This clay isn’t your average clay, it’s hybrid texture is between a clay and paste, which allows easy application and versatility.

Matte Pomade A malleable styling product for those desiring a more natural look with little to no shine. 


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